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Univers SPIRALE N°98 (Winter 2019)


Luc Montagnier

The memory of recovered water


A documentary, broadcast in July 2014 by the France 5 channel, revealed the latest "revolutionary" discoveries - in his own words - of Professor Luc Montagnier. Drawing on the controversial work of Jacques Benveniste on the memory of water, the Nobel Prize claims to be able to teleport DNA by email. After contact with a molecule, water would retain its properties in its absence.

The experiment defies, by its astonishing results, the most fundamental dogmas of science and the official medical approach. And it is a real paradigm shift with which biology is confronted today: the living is no longer only governed by chemical and organic reactions, but by electromagnetic signals carrying information.

Luc Montagnier's first experience was to first digitize the radiating signal from the DNA of an HIV-infected patient. Then, it takes the same DNA to bring it, successions understood as in homeopathy, to the fateful dilutions of 12 CH or 24 DH in which there is no longer any trace of the initial product. Like Benveniste, he subjects the water obtained to a sensor which sends it to a computer screen.

And there, again, with a different method, he finds the signature of the original DNA. The ghost information has been transduced, like a photocopy made without an original.

But that's not all, because here is the most disturbing! This time, the professor again takes the DNA of an HIV-infected patient, scans it in the most effective dilution and sends it by e-mail to the University of Benevento, Italy. After having exposed an armored tube of pure water for an hour to the "music" of this digital wave, the informed water is subjected to PCR, a machine used by forensic science to identify criminals from traces of DNA. But the recordings - say the radio - of the DNA alphabet A-C-T-G, called nucleotides, arrive in bulk on the device. And here is the centerpiece: Polymerase, which has the incredible ability to put the virtual nucleotides back to their original order, 98% true, thus completely reconstructing the image of the DNA sent.

For Professor Luc Montagnier, with AIDS, autism, certain multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, the outlets for this discovery are immense ! Professor Montagnier has already published three articles relating to his experiments, but we await the one presenting the most spectacular part of the experiment: the regeneration of DNA from pure water mysteriously "informed" by digitized and transmitted electromagnetic signals by email to an Italian laboratory. An experience that the professor described as "transduction" and that he successfully repeated more than a dozen times ...

Feeling threatened, the pharmaceutical industry, fortified by colossal political and financial means, was quick to counter-attack, once again by demolishing, under the orders of the media, this masterful and historic leap of science, discrediting the researcher, even if he was a Nobel Prize ...

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« Know that the purpose of every soul that comes to earth to experience materiality is to become a light for others. »                        



We think we are separated. But in reality, we are both ourselves and the entire Universe. We are a.

Ancient traditions knew this and science finally joined them.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything," wrote Albert Einstein. Many believe that it is necessary to fight against the forces of evil to raise the bar. But who can believe that war will solve the war?

To find Unity, it is necessary to take time to see the mechanisms which operate in themselves and generate duality. Getting out of the wheel of everyday life and observing the functioning of its mechanisms allows you to get rid of it. It's about seeing their power and complexity and how we subconsciously help to recreate them.

It is essential to get out of your "gears" to observe, understand and live them with more awareness in order to free yourself from them. This observation action consists in distancing oneself from the mechanisms and welcoming what we see in order to get rid of the attachments that trap us.


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